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Robyn Archer

Robyn Archer AO is a multi-award winning artist whose long career encompasses singing, writing, direction and public advocacy of the arts. An acknowledged exponent of classic European cabaret, Robyn was named Cabaret Icon at the 2016 Adelaide Cabaret Festival, and won the Helpmann Award as Australia’s Best Cabaret Performer 2013.

She has performed throughout the world, from Paris and Berlin to Bogota and Hong Kong, and in London her one-woman show A Star is Torn (celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2019/20) ran for a year in the West End. She has written many successful theatre shows and recorded eleven albums, including many of her own songs, and these will be digitally released on Undercover Music’s Rouseabout Records label. In addition to her performing and writing career, Robyn has a distinguished record in artistic direction of major festivals and other aspects of arts leadership.

“Arguably the greatest cabaret artist in the country”
(Australian Book Review)

“Just when we were wondering what cabaret is any more, along comes Robyn Archer to give us a splendid master class.”
(The Barefoot Review)

"On Archer’s new CD, Classic Cabaret Rarities, she presents examples of European cabaret in three of its heydays. From fin-de-siècle Paris there are the songs of Aristide Bruant; from Germany in the first thirty years of the twentieth century — from expressionism to Weimar — there are songs by Wedekind, Brecht and Friedrich Hollaender; from 1950s Paris, there’s Léo Ferré and Brel. They are intense songs, all of them: angry, tragic, bitingly funny; songs about ideas. They matter to Archer and she makes them matter to me. This is the real thing.”
Andrew Ford for Inside Story

Read more at Robyn is represented by Smartartists

Robyn Archer
Classic Cabaret Rarities
Catalogue Number RRR91

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Classic Cabaret Rarities

Robyn Archer: Classic Cabaret Rarities is the arts and cabaret icon’s 11th album and her first since Keep Up Your Standards, a 1997 collaboration with Paul Grabowsky.

Robyn’s entire back catalogue will soon be re-released for download and streaming.
The songs here are a selection from the repertoires of two recitals Que Reste-t’Il and Dancing on the Volcano, created by Robyn Archer and performed by Robyn, Michael Morley and George Butrumlis on many and varied stages over the last decade. With a couple of obvious exceptions (Moritat, Falling in Love Again and Ne Me Quitte Pas) the songs themselves are rarely heard and this will be the first recording of most in these translations.

The early French songs (some by Bruant whose poster portrait by Lautrec has become an icon of fin-de siècle cabaret) give us chilling satire and a portrait of Paris quite at odds with today’s romantic cliché. The pre-war German songs similarly paint a different picture of Berlin than that which Archer’s usual repertoire reflects. Her landmark recordings Robyn Archer Sings Brecht Vols 1 and 2 focus on the tough crisis years.

Here, a lighter touch prevails from a period when Germany tried to pretend that war was over. Only the poignant Spoliansky song, and perhaps Hollaender’s Eine Kleine Sehsucht betray the uncertainty beneath and herald the coming horrors.

Apart from the rare repertoire, this recording is evidence of an even rarer musical collaboration. That three artists, with virtually no technological ornamentation, can create so much lively magic, both in live performance and in the studio, is evidence of their exceptional musicianship, scholarly intelligence, brilliant sympatico and long-standing friendship.

Robyn Archer: vocal, ukulele
Michael Morley: piano, vocals
George Butrumlis: accordion, orchestral bass accordion, vocals

Michael Lynch Executive Producer
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Craig Pilkington at Audrey Studios

George Gittoes cover image from his portrait of Robyn Archer. A Pre-War Portrait, 1990 (National Portrait Gallery, Australia)

Musical arrangements evolved within the trio during rehearsals for live performances over several years. The early French songs were initially arranged by John Napier for seven piece ensemble in Archer’s Chat Noir

Album Track Listings

    PARIS 1880s-1890s

  1. The Street
  2. Le Chat Noir
  3. Here Comes The Cholera
  4. Red City
  5. It Takes Cash
  6. Trollope Rondo
  7. Song Of The Rag And Bone Man
  8. Coin ! Coin ! Coin !

    BERLIN 1900s-1930s

  1. Little Song
  2. Anna Luise
  3. The Deep Sigh Of A Lady In A Troubled Night
  4. Granny Murderer
  5. Apfelboeck
  6. Moritat
  7. Seashells From Margate or The Petroleum Song
  8. Kutteldaddeldu
  9. Falling In Love Again
  10. Kitsch Tango
  11. Eine Kleine Sehnsucht
  12. I Know It Can't Be So

    PARIS 1950s

  1. Le Piano Du Pauvre
  2. Monsieur William
  3. Ca Va!
  4. Le Fou Du Roi
  5. I.M. Jacques Brel
  6. Ne Me Quitte Pas
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