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The winter 2018 edition of Undercover Radio features songs from the late John Munro’s folk opera The Eureka Suite featuring John Schumann and Eric Bogle along with two songs from Eric & John’s Voices album plus contributions from The Lovetones, CODA, Nick Wales, one of Australia’s best loved vocalists Barbara James and Keith Branch & His South Sea Islanders.




Barbara James was arguably Australia's leading popular vocaliste for three decades. In the days before artist categorisation became de rigeur she sang everything that came her way. She was not specifically a jazz singer, but she could sing jazz. She sang everything that was popular in the dance and popular field, and when swing became the rage in the middle thirties, she showed that she could swing with the best of them

Few singers can boast such a fulfilling career and such a diversity of material. None are more deserving of such a tribute as this album.
Jack Mitchell

Twentieth Century Blues is now downloadable and available to stream for the first time through iTunes, Apple Music & Spotify. It is also available on CD through MGM Distribution and directly from Undercover Music via mail order

For registered AirIt Radio Users three songs from the album are available on Amrap's AirIt catalogue.

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Eric Bogle

Eric Bogle

Eric Bogle is one of the best and most prolific songwriters of the last several decades.


Born in Peebles in Scotland Eric says he was ‘destined to be a politician or a folk singer of protest songs… and so one of these prophecies came to pass’. He emigrated to Australia in 1969 and embarked on the perilous career path of a professional musician in 1980.


He has won many awards along the way, including the Order of Australia medal for services to the entertainment industry and a Peace Medal from the United Nations for his efforts, through music, to promote peace and racial harmony.


Eric is also Australia’s foremost singer of WW1 songs. Possibly his best known song ‘The Band Played Waltzing Matilda’ confirmed its status by appearing as a question in the Australian version of Trivial Pursuit whilst ‘No Man’s Land (The Green Fields of France)’ has been covered by both June Tabor and The Fureys.


With 11th November, 2018 being the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day – the official end of WW1 it’s no surprise the good folk at Illawarra Folk Club were thrilled to have Eric Bogle performing the night before at the Master Builders Club. [Source: Illawarra Folk Club E-Newsletters]


Eric heads back out onto the road with shows in WA & VIC in March before headlining a tribute concert for his long time musical companion and best mate John Munro in Adelaide in May.


His album with John & Brent Miller When The Wind Blows originally released on Larrikin in 1984 is now available to download & stream through Apple Music & Spotify for the first time. The album contains Bogle classics like ‘Hard Hard Times’, ‘Bushfire’, ‘Soldier, Soldier’, ‘Shining River’ & Eric’s trademark humour in the unforgettable tragic tale of ‘Little Gomez’.


Rouseabout Records Executive Producer Warren Fahey reflects… “Raymond Briggs’ graphic novel, the 1980s animated classic When the Wind Blows is one of the most powerful depictions of nuclear armageddon ever made. I remember when I first read it and when, a short time after, Eric Bogle, obviously equally moved, wrote his song of the same name. The song sent shivers up my back and even now, decades later, I imagine the nightmare image of Trump and Comrade Kim, fingers to the button, ready to blow up our world in the name of political folly. There are other songs on this album that shake my old bones but above all, this album’s final song ‘Safe in the Harbour’ is still one of my all time favourites. Eric wrote this song for the Canadian folk musician Stan Rogers who tragically died at very young age in an air crash in 1983. For me, it is testament of Eric’s extraordinary insight as a poet.”

More Information:  Artist Page

Dame Nellie Melba


Stay tuned for three vintage Australian made Hawaiian releases compiled exclusively from original 78rpm vinyl recordings by Rouseabout's producer-at-large, Micheal Alexandratos. First cab of the rank in these Reissue Projects is a six track EP by Keith Branch & His South Sea Islanders which was originally released by Columbia Graphophone’s Regal Zonophone label in 1947.

At the time hints that the performers of Hawaiian music were actually in Australia crept in occasionally. In 1947 Keith Branch and his South Sea Islanders recorded 'Where the Blue Gums Turn Red in the Sunset', but it sounds as much country as Hawaiian and is notable for an unusual, staccato style of steel guitar playing. The track is included on the EP along with ‘Manu Rere’ - a Maori love song and ‘Malo Lelei’.

Tex Morton and Sister Dorrie

Recording Australia on Rouseabout Records

[Source: Warren Fahey's Winter Newsletter 2018]
When Nick Wales and I established our label 17 years ago, in 2001, we had a dream of releasing a steady flow of Australian recordings that would continue the work of Larrikin Records, the label I established in 1974. Here we are in 2018 and 130 albums later. The label runs on the sniff of an oil rag - one employee, Stuart McCarthy, who has been there since day one and continues to be the glue that holds everything together. Nick has moved on to create some extraordinary music as both composer and musician. His latest triumph is the score for the Sydney Dance Company's most recent show. My role is as Artistic Director and, with Stuart, keeping the label rolling. You will also note (below) three vintage Hawaiian recordings. These are all produced by Rouseabout's producer-at-large, Micheal Alexandratos. Digitising our key artist's back catalogue has been a major task.

Our 2018 release schedule tells what we do:

“Just the funny stuff” – Eric Bogle (RRR76)
“Now I’m Easy” – Eric Bogle (RRR77)
“Dark Pleasures & Angels” – Cathie O’Sullivan (RRR78)
“The Eureka Suite” – John Munro (RRR79)
“Keith Branch & His South Sea Islanders” - Keith Branch & His South Sea Islanders (RRH80)
“When The Wind Blows” - Eric Bogle (RRR81)
“Singing The Spirit Home – Bonus Tracks” – Eric Bogle (RRR82)
“Endangered Species” – Eric Bogle (RRR83)
“Mirrors” – Eric Bogle (RRR84)
“Small Miracles” – Eric Bogle (RRR85)
“Voices In The Wildness” – Eric Bogle (RRR86)
“The Emigrant And The Exile” – Eric Bogle & John Munro (RRR87)
“Hawaiian Crooner Vol. 1 (1937 - 1946)” –Johnny Wade (RRH88)
“Hawaiian Crooner Vol. 2 (1949 – 1956)” – Johnny Wade (RRH89)

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John Munro

Vale John Munro

Sadly John Munro, Eric Bogle’s musical partner-in-crime for almost four decades will no longer grace the stage. John passed away last month, after a long illness. Eric commented on Facebook, “John Campbell Munro, my best mate, my soul brother, and my my musical partner in crime for nearly 40 years, died at his home in Brisbane, Queensland on Thursday 10th May at around 5am, just as the kookaburras outside raucously joined in the avian dawn chorus welcoming the new day. In his final hours on planet Earth he was surrounded by family and friends who filled the room where he lay with much pride, love, and heartbreak in equal measure....I'll add more about my dear friend in days to come, and post some of his music for you to share, but just at this moment I feel too tired to continue, I am still in shock I think, I feel numb and have not yet fully emotionally admitted to the devastating loss of an exceptional man who became one of the strongest and most enduring pillars that has unfailingly and selflessly propped up both my personal and musical life for the past 40 years, ......”

The tributes to this much loved man & musician poured in …

Stunned ...John's smile and warmth for us all to share.

Alana broke the news of John's cancer before the first night in Edinburgh - August 2016, when he might have just one year. John bravely went on stage, stoically listened to Eric introducing ‘Fork in the Road’; and later sang ‘Singing the Spirit Home’ like a bird.

Eric & John, my Lennon & McCartney: best songs and musical genius, inspiration to all. John a gentle man and gentleman, loved across the world.
Tim Frost

To all my Chicago folkie friends (regulars at Holstein’s Music Club & others):
Our dear Australian friend, Eric Bogle, has lost his musical sidekick, best mate & artistic collaborator, John Munro. Obviously, he’s devastated by this loss. They were musical & artistic collaborators for nearly 40 years, and of course, dear friends.

When I read his post, I immediately thought of so many wonderful musical memories they shared with us over so many years: John singing the counter-part to Eric’s “A Reason for it All,” John & other sidemen singing the “Shosholosa” part to “Singing the Spirit Home,” John’s mandolin & harmony singing on “No Man’s Land,”—the list goes on & on—but I was also reminded of John Monro’s willingness to play the “straightman” to Eric’s stories & jokes!!! It seemed to me that John was always willing to “take the pratfall” in Eric’s humorous forays into the droll & wry, witty & sardonic bits that always punctuated their sets!

Eric first came to Chicago & the states back in 1982 with his wife Carmel; I can’t remember if John was with him that trip, but I know when he came back the following year, it was with John Munro. Eric posted this morning about this devastating loss to him, personally, professionally, and artistically. I’m thinking that if any of you would like to send him condolences, memories of great musical experiences of their tours here in Chicago, etc., he IS here on Facebook & you could send him a private message. I also have his email address if you’d like to pm me. I’d bet he’d really appreciate knowing that you’re thinking about him and John Munro and all of the incredible gifts they shared with us over all the years.

Rest In Peace, John, may flights of angels attend thee, and may the Lord hold you in the palm of his hand. Thank you for all the love and all the gifts you quietly left behind for us, dear pal. We miss you already...
Kathy Kelly

Thank you John and rest easy now.
Nicky Titchener

Rouseabout Records has released The Eureka Suite, a folk opera composed and produced by John Munro. It is a timely reminder that the seeds of an Australian Republic were sown at the Eureka Stockade Rebellion 154 year’s ago, and, as Queen Elizabeth comes to the end of her long reign, the Republic draws closer.

The Eureka Suite features Eric Bogle, John Schumann, John Munro, The Goldrush Band, Kat Kraus, Mike O’Callaghan, Dave Moss and is now available to download through iTunes and stream through Spotify  & Apple Music. It is also available on CD directly from Undercover Music via mail order.

Rouseabout Head Honcho Warren Fahey has produced video clips for YouTube for ‘The Land Belongs To Them’ and ‘Republic’.

For registered AirIt Radio Users three songs from the album are available on Amrap's AirIt catalogue: The Land Belongs To Them (feat. John Schumann), Rebellion (feat. John Schumann) and Republic (feat. Eric Bogle)

This release is a testament to John Munro’s wonderful musical legacy and life.

More Information:  Artist Page



CODA strings are super excited to be working with Laurie Anderson while she is in residence at HOTA on the Gold Coast this June. Laurie's music has been a big influence over their music making, and they are honoured to have been invited to perform her work 'QUARTET FOR SOL LEWITT'. Codaplanet

You can listen to CODA’s cover of ‘Born, Never Asked’ in the Winter Edition of Undercover Radio.

More Information:  Artist Page


Nick Wales

Meanwhile CODA mainstay Nick Wales’ latest triumph is the score for the new Sydney Dance Company production 'ab [intra]' which features the brilliant choreography of Rafael.

Here is a little behind the scenes about the making of the music.

ab [Intra] opened last month in Sydney and sets off on a National tour in 2018.

For more information visit Sydney Dance Company

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